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Internet tip: Writing website articles

Almost four years ago, I penned an article on search engine optimization for dive centers and other websites. Those basics still apply today, but since then I’ve been using the Yoast SEO plugin – which comes in both a free and premium version – as well as learning from my mistakes. Writing Website Articles The most important …


Bring social media followers back to your website!

Social media is like any other marketing tool. To be effective we need a measurable “call to action.” Many small businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites thinking it’s working since they see likes, shares and comments. That’s great, but are you bringing them back to your website? Into your store? Into buyers?


Managing your small business e-mail distribution list

Managing an e-mail distribution list for a small business with 20 clients is easy, managing a list with more than 100 clients is not easy. Fortunately, significant improvements have been made to the tools we use to manage and distribute e-mail campaigns to your customers. The first efforts to deliver e-mail campaigns to customers were pretty straight …


Search engine optimization for dive centers & other websites

Although this post is written for dive centers and resorts, the same principles apply to any small business interested in learning more about the basics of search engine optimization and improving search rankings. I’m concentrating on the basics because that’s where we all need to start, and many dive centers are not familiar with them at …


Managing your WordPress installation

As a website manager for more than 20 WordPress installations, I’ve become familiar with the quality assurance (QA) testing, backup, update and check out process for the WordPress core application and the more than 25 plugins I use. If you’re managing your own WordPress installation, these tips should help you in the future. First things …

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