Adventure Park

Adventure Park

Brownstone Park in Portland, Connecticut went with a custom design created by WebDev Studios with project management and implementation and ongoing maintenance and updates by Spider Creations. When you look at the site, you’d never guess it was created using WordPress. Lots of images fill the pages from top to bottom, with space available for the promotion of events, special offers and other news items on the site.

Spider Creations is a dedicated marketing partner with Brownstone Park, meeting with their marketing team on a regular basis and updating the site frequently for them. Spider Creations also creates and distributes their email marketing campaign to about 45,000 customers who have signed up for the park’s newsletter promoting events and activities during the a year. The park also does a lot of social media promotion, with special offers for followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Project Type: Project Management & Site Updates
Client: Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park
Release Date: 2013
Keywords: Web Design, WordPress, Responsive

During the year, the park has quite a few special events that require more complex registration forms with conditional logic and forwarding. Information from the registration forms is saved to a database, that easily allows the staff to log in and download an Excel spreadsheet with the up-to-the-minute registration information.

Brownstone Park is probably the most visited website managed by Spider Creations. The site generally has less than 500 visitors per day during the spring and fall, but during the three summer months, traffic spikes to 4,000 to 6,000 per day. In a 90-day period, site visitors move through an average of almost six pages per visit, that’s more than 2.1 million page views in 90 days.