Ski Resort

Ski Resort

Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort is being resurrected for the 2013/2014 winter season, and their new website launched in June 2013. Powder Ridge and Brownstone Park are sister companies, and they wanted to have a similar layout with both sites, but still have their own identity. Spider Creations worked with WebDev Studios to put the complete package together, “skinning” the theme with different designs.

The staff at Powder Ridge will have access to the site to update a variety of information on the home page, including the ski conditions, number of trails and lifts open and special features that are available each day.

Project Type: Project Management, Updates
Client: Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort
Release Date: 2013
Keywords: Web Design, WordPress, Responsive

Spider Creations works closely with Powder Ridge as a marketing partner, managing not only the website, but also creating and delivering the email newsletters that will be sent to thousands of customers and helping to manage and update the park’s Facebook page.

Two additional sites will be launched for Powder Ridge in late 2013 and early 2014. One will focus on weddings and events that can be held at the park, and the other will highlight the new Fire at the Ridge restaurant featuring a national celebrity chef.