Design & Implementation

Spider Creations implements premium WordPress theme installations and customizes – tweaks – the layout, colors and graphics to meet your requirements. You get all this on a platform you can grow with, and update yourself.

Design and implementation services offered by Spider Creations target the needs of small to medium sized business. We understand that you have budgets that limit the scope of your Internet presence, but a small budget does not mean your site can not impress your clients.

Our websites are designed on an industry-leading, non-proprietary professional content management platform – WordPress. The WordPress platform is no longer just blog software, rather a very powerful content management tool allowing business managers to update pages and post articles easily. Currently, WordPress is used by 19 percent of the world’s top 10 million websites including Ben & Jerry’s, CBS Radio, Ford, Sony, People Magazine, Samsung, Wired, CNN, the opinion sections of the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, Spider Creations (of course) and many other websites.

Spider Creations provides premium templates from a variety of designers including iThemes, but if you require a custom design, we have solid relationships with a number of Web professionals offering custom WordPress themes, matching shopping carts, online reservation systems or even your own social network.

Spider Creations will listen to your vision, and design a site that reflects your business goals. Once your site has been designed and implemented, you can choose from our Hosting or Managed Hosting plans. Once up and running, we provide a la carte marketing support to update your content or send marketing campaigns. We can become an integral part of your marketing team.

Your experience with Spider Creations starts with a discussion concerning your business requirements and expectations. You’ll then pick a premium theme for your design or let us know what you’re looking for in a custom design. We’ll then review the layout of your site, frequently working with wire-frames to map out your home page, standard content pages and custom page templates.

Once ready, we’ll migrate your content from a previous site if necessary, create new and updated content and collect your feedback. Your site will be created in a development area which you will have access to. Your current site can remain active, and the switch to your new site can be completed in as little as five minutes.

Upon launch, will work with you to promote the site with email campaigns and social media efforts.

We can provide…

  • Shopping/eCommerce functionality, tied into PayPal or your current credit card processor
  • Online discussion forums
  • Online calendar of events
  • Small hotel management website (reservations, online availability, pricing, folios…)
  • Web-based e-mail access for your staff (via Google Apps for Business or hosted locally)
  • Professional, opt-in e-mail registration for your site visitors and current customers
  • Web banner advertising design (JPGs, PNGs and animated GIF’s)
  • Advanced online form design to collect information
  • Google Calendar configuration and placement on your site – you can update easily yourself
  • Website analytics reporting including visitors & page views via Google Analytics
  • RSS compatible website with post and comments feed

Are you ready? Contact us and we’ll get you on the path to website success!

Design & Implementation

Here are just a few of the WordPress features you’ll appreciate.

  • Thousands of theme options
  • Easy to develop
  • Great plugins – online forms, calendars, photo galleries and more
  • Easy to update content
  • Secure
  • Tons of functionality

As a small business owner with experience in sales, training and service, I understand and value your business requirements. Let me walk you through the process and become a future marketing partner, not just a guy that launched your website.

We promise we can deliver a professional online appearance for your business at a reasonable price.

We’re not just about your website. Let’s implement a plan to bring customers and clients to your site through email and social marketing campaigns.

Service and support after the launch of your site is where we’ll really impress!