Spider Creations works with a hosting provider who provides excellent uptime, quality servers, professional account tools and awesome support. The infrastructure scales depending on your needs, easily handling large spikes in traffic without the need to make phone calls to beg for more bandwidth or computing power.

Our Standard Hosting service is very reasonably priced for the value you get, but you will not find a $4.95 per month plan available from us. Our full satisfaction guaranty will provide you with a full pro-rated refund if you choose to move your website during the one-year period – no questions asked. Spider Creations provides monitoring and maintenance services, working with our hosting provider to ensure the infrastructure is configured and working properly for you.

Who should choose our regular hosting package?

As a business, you should choose our standard hosting package if you have a WordPress or legacy HTML installation and you want to take responsibility for the application and site’s managment including:

  • Backing up your website. (Our services include catastrophic server restoration services only.)
  • Testing and installing WordPress updates and security patches.
  • Testing and installing WordPress plug in updates and security patches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up my account right now?
No. We schedule a meeting with you to discuss business requirements prior to setting up the account. If you’re looking for space fast, we can have an instance up-and-running for you in five minutes.

Will I have access to cPanel?
Yes, if you want to have access you can have access. 

Many hosts offer plans as low as $5 per month. Do you offer low-cost plans?
No. This is not what we are set up to do. Our hosting delivery offers a level of support and features designed around the needs of small businesses with WordPress installations. In short, you get what you pay for.

What is the difference between our Hosting and Managed Hosting plans?
With a Managed Hosting plan, Spider Creations takes care of updating application and plug-in versions, security patches, and daily back ups for the site and databases. We also can help you set up e-mail accounts – using Google Apps for Work – and provide you with personalized help along the way.

With a Standard Hosting plan, you manage your own site directly in your control panel and via FTP.

If you are interested in more information concerning the features of the services we offer, contact us and we can arrange a meeting with you and your staff to discuss your business requirements.


We take care of the server security and catastrophic backups, everything else from email to cPanel access is available to you. Need some extra help? We’re available to make updates for you on request. Perfect for those on a budget and who feel comfortable with WordPress updates and backups.

We want our clients to be totally comfortable with the hosting we provide. We work with a high-quality provider that can easily scale with your needs. You won’t see any delays in delivering pages even if you have 5,000 to 8,000 unique visitors a day!

Our hosting plans start at $249 per year. You can easily upgrade to Managed Hosting at any time.

We know you’ll be satisfied with our service, but if for some reason we don’t meet your expectations we’ll provide a full, pro-rated refund for the remainder of your term with us.